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In the December issue of Las Vegas Advisor, I wrote that it was difficult to determine whether the festivities would take place this year or whether they would be mothballed due to a lack of announcements from casinos. Two holiday displays have been announced, and one that impressed me so much that it was able to outperform most competitors without taking strict criteria into account is available in a luxury hotel in Reno. Best Hotel Recommends the room at the Eldorado, which offers fantastic views of the city center and the mountains.

The Skywalk provides guests at Silver Legacy Resort and Casino with spectacular views of downtown, the Las Vegas Strip and the Sierra Nevada. Grand Sierra Resort & Casino also offers views of downtown Reno and Reno-Tahoe International Airport. It also houses one of Reno's best restaurants and bars, a hotel and a casino.

The hotel's swimming deck has been recently renovated and features hot tubs and cabins, and there is a vibrant nightlife in the lounges and bars. Peppermill Resort & Spa & Casino also offers guests views of downtown Reno, the Las Vegas Strip and Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The restaurants, the wellness center, the hotel and the casino make it easy for guests to experience the main attractions in the Reno area.

Best Hotels recommends Atlantis Resort, which is our first choice when you are in Reno for a conference at the Reno - Sparks Convention Center. re looking for a superior hotel with stunning views of downtown Reno, the Las Vegas Strip or the airport, you will love these top hotels in and around Reno! Whether you're on a business trip, family vacation or just a weekend getaway, Silver Legacy makes everyone feel right at home.

Located near the airport, this is one of the most magnificent hotels in Reno that you can imagine being just a phone call away.

The resort has more than 800 rooms and suites and has a casino, but there are many options for guests who want to celebrate after leaving the resort. If you don't want to gamble but have easy access to the casino is not really your thing, try La Quinta Inn Reno. This is an option for those who do not want to gamble, while the rest has a casino and everything - evening entertainment on site.

If you want to get out of town for a while, try the Reno - Tahoe Golf Getaway Package, which combines classic Reno offerings with rounds of golf on beautiful Lake Tahoes.

Best Hotel recommends Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa, which features a full service hotel, a spa, restaurant and fitness center. The Grand Sierra Resort has an impressive range of amenities including a pool, golf course, pool restaurant, spa and wellness facilities.

Siena Hotel & Spa & Casino has several restaurants and bars, including a terrace overlooking the Truckee Rotunda and bar. The restaurant serves a wide range of food and drinks, as well as a spa and fitness centre, with a menu that includes formal and casual dishes.

Chain hotels are also common in the Reno-Sparks area, including the Sierra Nevada Hotel & Spa & Casino and Las Vegas Casino & Hotel. Other accommodations in Reno include smaller hotels and casinos on the sand. Some of the most popular accommodations in and around Reno include beds, hotels, casinos and restaurants in downtown Reno and Sparks.

Best Hotels recommends SIlver Legacy, which offers great specials for AAA members during events and holidays. Because of the pleasant weather, you can choose the months of March to September as the best time to visit Reno. If you are coming from Reno to try your luck or just to see the beautiful west of the United States, we have you covered. Now that the discussion has moved from the hotels in Reno to the sightseeing potential of the city, I would love your thoughts on must-do and must-see activities in Reno, Sparks and other parts of Nevada.

Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel is home to the Reno - Sparks Performing Arts Center and Las Vegas Convention Center. Eldorado Resort & Casino is one of the most popular hotels in Reno with a variety of amenities. Atlantis Casino & Resort and Spa is the largest casino and spa in the United States with more than 1,000 rooms and is a great place to spend an evening with friends, family and friends of friends. Silver Legacy Resort & Casino is an Ace hotel with great amenities including a pool, spa and fitness center, as well as great food and entertainment.

Silver Legacy Resort & Casino has more than 1,000 rooms, a swimming pool, a spa and fitness centre and excellent dining options. Whether you're pampered in one of the resort's elegant suites or tasting the wares of the nine award-winning restaurants - which call the Eldorado home - you can't help but smile during your stay at this Reno treasure. Win or lose, Eldorsado Resort and Casino will make you feel like a king on the casino floor. While some hotels in Reno are less family friendly than others for obvious reasons, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino is committed to creating a great experience for the whole family.

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